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Public Schools in Bainbridge Township

Michelle McQuade | December 7, 2016

Best Cleveland Realtor Top Cleveland Realtor Michelle McQuade Public Schools in Bainbridge Township, Ohio Kenston Schools

If you’re considering moving to Bainbridge Township or Auburn Township, you’ll have an amazing public school system available to you.

The Kenston School District is a successful system of public schools including one high school, one middle school, and two elementary schools. The Kenston School District continuously ranks high in statewide testing, designated with an Excellent designation from the Ohio Department of Education.

The mascot, a B-25 Bomber, is a reference to World War II when Bombers routinely flew over the school from the Ravenna arsenal. Giving respect to servicemen who protected our country, the student body chose the Bomber as the district mascot.

Here’s a look at the four schools that make up the Kenston School District.

1. Kenston High School

The only high school serving Bainbridge and Auburn Townships, Kenston High School serves over 1,000 students each year. The school is currently ranked #43 in Ohio High Schools, according to US News Rankings, and over half of the students participate in AP classes. The school works hard to ensure its students are ready for college, with 92% attending a college or university after graduation.

2. Kenston Middle School

For grades 6 through 8, students attend Kenston Middle School. According to the Ohio Achievement Test, Kenston Middle School students outperform the state average by more than 11 percentage points in math, reading, and science.

3. Kenston Intermediate School

With over 400 students, Kenston Intermediate School teaches grades 4 and 5. The Intermediate School fosters an environment of discovery, respect, and learning for all its students, including special programs for wellness, physical education, and music.

4. Timmons Elementary School

Receiving glowing reviews online, Timmons Elementary School fosters a positive environment for its 730+ students, kindergarten through 3rd grade. In 2011, Timmons Elementary School was named a Blue Ribbon School by the Department of Education, recognizing its high standard for academic excellence.

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