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Why fall is a great time to sell your home in Cleveland, OH

Michelle McQuade | October 17, 2019

Summer is usually a popular time for buying a home but it’s not necessarily the best time to sell one. Real estate transactions eventually cool off by the time fall comes in. However, what many don’t know is that this season presents a fine opportunity to sell your home fast and for a great price.

Here are 3 reasons why fall is a great time to sell your home in Cleveland, Ohio:

  1. Less competition
  2. Since most sellers look to close before September, homebuyers typically have a lower supply of homes to choose from. This situation puts you, the seller, at an advantage because your home will be one of the few that homebuyers can check out. And the lesser the competition, the better you’ll be able to bargain since homebuyers will want to close fast.

    To grab the most attention in online listings and in the physical sense, stage your home in the best way possible. How? Here are some tried-and-tested staging techniques:

    • Boost curb appeal by repainting your exterior, fixing up the yard, and adding fall décor to your walkway.
    • Give your house a deep clean from the floors to the ceiling.
    • Depersonalize your interior by removing family photos and personal memorabilia.
    • Declutter and rearrange the furniture to make it more spacious.
    • Bathe your home in light! Let as much natural light come in by pulling your curtains aside. Also, change lightbulbs to brighter ones to illuminate interiors.
    • Post high-quality photos of your home online. If needed, hire a professional photographer.
  3. Buyers are more serious
  4. With summer at an end and winter just around the corner, expect homebuyers to be more serious about landing a home. Many are in a rush to move before winter starts – and it’s not just because of the harsher weather. They know that there is a lower supply of available homes for sale after the summer homebuyers snapped up much of the inventory in the area. They also need a new place to celebrate the coming holidays in. With these factors affecting home-buying decisions, you have the edge to sell your home for top dollar and at the fastest time.

  5. More diverse buyers
  6. The more stable weather and decline in home prices attract a diverse set of buyers to the housing market. Millennials, for one, take this opportunity to shop for lower-priced starter homes. Empty nesters, for their part, don’t need to wait for spring break for the opportunity to downsize their homes. Then there are the out-of-towners who want to move at a time when the competition is less stiff. Even employers enter the market in the fall to save costs on housing for their employees. The more tactical-minded homebuyers, meanwhile, buy at this time to take advantage of massive tax breaks that given just before year end.

    These people all need different types of housing. This means that you get a more varied set of eager homebuyers in the fall that you can reach out to, notwithstanding the kind of property you’re selling.

Do you want to learn more about selling your home in Cleveland, Ohio? Check out our informative blog on Home Selling to get ahead of the competition and start selling.

Many homebuyers have their eye on Cleveland, Ohio homes for sale. Work only with a top Realtor for the best results in your real estate transaction – that’s me, Michelle McQuade! Call me at 440.823.2448 or send me an email at michellemcquade(at)howardhanna(dotted)com so we can start your home selling journey.

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