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10 Interesting facts about Moreland Hills

Michelle McQuade | June 29, 2017

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The affluent suburb of Moreland Hills in Greater Cleveland might only occupy a total area of approximately 7 square miles, but this community is full of interesting tidbits that will entice you to check out the neighborhood. Here are 10 of our favorite Moreland Hills facts.

  1. 1. James A. Garfield, 20th president of the United States, was born in Moreland Hills.

    James Garfield was born in Moreland Hills on November 1831, the youngest of five children. Back then, Moreland Hills was still part of the Orange Township. The former US president was raised humbly by his mother as his father died when he was only a year old. He ascended to the presidency in March 1881 and remained in the office until his assassination later that year. Because of the short duration of his term, James Garfield is often forgotten in the rankings of US presidents.

  2. 2. This is what James Garfield had to say about his hometown.

    “Here, I first learned the constellations and their places in the heavens. It is my Greenwich where all the world is exactly in its right place. Every other place shows variation more or less.” (James Garfield’s diary, 1880)

  3. 3. You can find the second settlement house in the country here.

    Hiram House, a state historical landmark, is recorded as the second settlement house in the country after Hull House in Chicago. It was established in 1896, and during that time, offered English classes for immigrants. It ceased operations in 1941, with the Hiram House Camp transferred to Moreland Hills 39 years before it closed.

  4. 4. Moreland Hills was incorporated in 1929.

    Although the area was first settled in around 1815, it took over a century before Moreland Hills was officially declared its own village. Things were made even more official when the community adopted a village charter in 1972. In a way, Moreland Hills is both old and new.

  5. 5. Moreland Hills was named as “second best Cleveland suburb to raise a family.”

    Niche, a data analysis, and ranking company recognized Moreland Hills as the second best place in Cleveland to raise a family. And it comes as no surprise– Moreland Hills boasts family-friendly spaces and two reputable school districts.

  6. 6. In 2015, Moreland Hills was also named as the safest suburb in Cleveland.

    Moreland Hills was featured in Cleveland magazine back in 2015 when it was named as the safest suburb in Greater Cleveland.

  7. 7. Moreland Hills is served by two equally fine and well-known school districts.

    If you’re looking for superior academics for your children, Moreland Hills is a top choice. The suburban community is served by Orange City Schools and Chagrin Falls Schools, both of which oversee a lineup of some of the most respected schools in Cleveland.

  8. 8. A part of Moreland Hills is located in the Sulphur Springs watershed.

    Along with Orange Village, Bentleyville, and Solon, a portion of Moreland Hills sits right above the Sulphur Springs watershed, which flows into Chagrin River and eventually Lake Erie. The watershed is currently part of the Chagrin River Watershed’s restoration project.

  9. 9. Moreland Hills real estate is a wonderful mix of old and new homes.

    Homes in Moreland Hills vary in age, with some of the oldest cottages built during the Roaring 20s and well into the 50s. Other architectural styles that reflect Moreland Hills’ history include Cape Cods, ranches, and Colonial-style homes. Nowadays, modern styles are creeping into the suburb.

  10. 10. There is plenty of outdoor recreation in Moreland Hills.

    You don’t need to make your way out of Moreland Hills to enjoy some outdoor R&R. The community is home to a number of well-maintained parks, some of which feature picturesque walking and cycling paths.

Do you want to learn more about Moreland Hills? Check out our community guide for more information.

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