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10 Reasons Why You Will Love Cleveland, OH

Michelle McQuade | September 22, 2016

ClevelandCleveland, OH is known for many things, like rock and roll, Cedar Point and LeBron James. But there’s so much more to The Forest City and the scenic villages that surround it. Here are ten reasons why you will love Cleveland, OH:

Affordable housing – Cleveland, Ohio Homes for Sale

Housing costs in Greater Cleveland are much lower than those in big cities like New York, Washington and Chicago, as well as other cities with comparable populations. The towns and villages around Cleveland offer luxury properties in a wide range of prices, with a broad selection of charming communities to choose from. Check out our “Communities” pages to learn more.

Cultural diversity

Greater Cleveland is home to more than 100 ethnicities, including Greek, Slavic, Hispanic, Jewish, Irish, Chinese and Spanish. The city’s annual One World Festival is a celebration of this colorful diversity, and it doesn’t end there. There’s also a Greek Festival, Latino Heritage Festival, Irish Cultural Festival, and a host of other events that showcase the metro’s wonderfully diverse cultural make-up.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Fledgling entrepreneurs will feel right at home in Cleveland, which has been called a “hotbed for innovation.” Greater Cleveland is home to many incubators, accelerators and other organizations that nurture startups. Local universities, such as the Cleveland State University, also offer programs in entrepreneurship.

Entertainment options

You will never run out of entertainment options in Greater Cleveland. In the Warehouse District alone, you’ll find a wide range of dining, shopping and nightlife options. Greater Cleveland is also home to the Great Lakes Science Center, with its more than 100 science and technology exhibits that children and parents can enjoy. If you love plays, concerts and other live performances, you can get them from the Playhouse Square – the largest performing arts center outside of New York City.

The beach

Huntington Beach in Bay Village, Ohio, is considered the best beach on Lake Erie, with a Blue Wave Certification from the Clean Beaches Council. It is the perfect place to while away those hot Ohio summers days.

Sports-loving metro

Cleveland is well-represented in the major leagues: the MLB (Cleveland Indians), the NBA (Cavaliers) and the NFL (Browns). It also has teams in the minor leagues, such as American Hockey and Arena Football. The city’s football, baseball and basketball stadiums are all found downtown, surrounded by excellent restaurants and bars.

Hipster vibe

Cleveland offers just about everything that you can ask for in a hip neighborhood. Craft beer, farmer’s market, easy public transport, bike lanes — the city has them all. It also boasts restaurants offering diverse cuisines, art galleries, cozy cafes, dive bars, and all the cool, hipster stuff that make for good work-life balance.

Rock and roll

Cleveland and rock-and-roll just can’t be separated. The home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland never runs out of events and performances by the most popular acts in the world. There are more than 20 concert halls and event centers in the city, which has served as starting ground for some of the most famous rock bands from different eras.

The culture

Cleveland’s diversity extends to it cultural scene. While the city is a rock-and-roll mecca, it is also the home of famous orchestras, museums and theater groups. Cultural attractions in Greater Cleveland include The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Cleveland Orchestra and Playhouse Square.


With its diversity, dynamism and “cool factor”, Greater Cleveland has certainly become a magnet for millennials. Young professionals will also find more than 70 organizations in the city aimed at helping them achieve success through networking, mentoring, and access to government-sponsored assistance programs.

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