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10 Spring Cleaning Tips

Michelle McQuade | March 16, 2017

Spring cleaning has become a yearly ritual that you simply can’t skip. Not only does it help make your home feel and look fresh, it also gives you the perfect chance to get rid of old, outdated stuff and make room for brand new ones.

While you’ve probably been doing it for years, there’s always room to do things a little better and more efficiently.

Here are 10 spring cleaning tips you might want to try out this year.

  1. Move in one direction. This means working from top to bottom and from the inside to the outside. This will help make sure the part of the home you’ve just cleaned will not get dirty again.
  2. Work on only one room, or one part of a room, at a time. Don’t skip to the next room while you’re not yet done on another to avoid unfinished jobs.
  3. Wash your windows on a cloudy day. Too much sun can dry the cleaning fluid before you can wipe it off, leaving unsightly streaks. Do the opposite when dusting. Wait for a clear day so you can easily spot dust and dirt particles.
  4. Multitask and cut your trips around the home. While you’re doing the laundry, you can also scrub your bathroom tiles and fixtures. Set a central area where you can temporarily deposit some items before taking them to their permanent location or to the trash bin.
  5. Dust everything – or as much as you can. Use dusters with extendable handles for high areas or difficult to reach nooks and corners. Feather or lambswool dusters are great for this purpose. A lint roller can thoroughly lift off particles from lampshades, throws, and upholsteries. To remove pet hairs, try damp rubber gloves.
  6. Shake off the dirt from drapes, pillow cases and curtains using your dryer. Put the dryer on “air only” function for about 15 minutes, then immediately hang the items to avoid wrinkling.
  7. Clean and do maintenance on your cleaning tools and equipment. They are only as efficient as their condition. Clean the broom head with warm, soapy water or using a handheld vacuum. Change the vacuum cleaner bag, and replace or wash the filter. De-lint your dryer’s filter and disinfect the washing machine with distilled white vinegar and baking soda.
  8. Degrease and sanitize your kitchen. Use a cleanser like “cabinet cream” to wipe cabinets and cabinet handles. Remove food particles from your dishwasher’s filter and rinse it with hot water. Use a dishwashing cleaner at least once a month to keep it clean and deodorized. Get your stove and any stainless steel surface sparkling again using detergent solution. Freshen up your oven with baking soda and vinegar.
  9. De-clutter and spruce up the bedroom. Dispose of clothes you haven’t used in a year. Vacuum the mattress and spot clean with upholstery cleaner or a damp cloth with soap. Wash pillows and comforters according to the care instruction labels.
  10. Get rid of unwanted and unnecessary items, like old magazines, make-up, lotions, shoes, and even old souvenirs. Find a good way to dispose of them, such as a recycling bin or a donation center. You can also hold a garage sale or sell them on eBay.

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