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5 Cleveland Startups to Watch in 2019

Michelle McQuade | June 12, 2019

woman working on electronic project

It’s an exciting time to develop and grow a business venture in Cleveland. With the growing local economy and the city’s population of innovative entrepreneurs, it comes as no surprise that Cleveland has turned itself into an incubator for startups. Watch out for these five companies this year.

  1. Augment Therapy

    Based in Chagrin Falls, Augment Therapy is the brainchild of Lindsay Watson, a physical therapist who wants to make children’s physical therapy fun and engaging through augmented reality.

    It’s still a very small company (Watson and CTO Steve Blake are the only employees) but their vision has captured the attention of the medical community. Just last April, they placed third in the Medical Capital Innovation Competition (MCIC)’s professional division, winning $15,000. Read more here.

  2. OnShift

    OnShift has been around since 2008. In the 11 years they’ve been operating, they have developed a number of cloud and mobile apps that have helped overcome challenges in the healthcare workforce drastically. As a result, medical facilities are now finding and retaining proficient healthcare professionals much easier.

    The folks at OnShift are so good, the company is constantly on the list of best startups in Cleveland. It’s safe to assume that OnShift will continue to improve the healthcare landscape in the future.

  3. BuyerQuest

    A business that helps other businesses with their procurement needs? That’s what BuyerQuest essentially does. Founded in 2012, BuyerQuest has been helping big and local businesses alike find what they need, from services to goods.

    BuyerQuest is so good at solving these procurement problems that several giant corporations and institutions have availed their services.

  4. LineStream Technologies

    LineStream Technologies might be one of the older startups in this group, but it’s amazing what the company has done since it was established. It not only conquered Cleveland, but the rest of the world, by helping businesses and technologies reduce their energy consumption.

    Borne out of Cleveland State University, it’s amazing what LineStream’s technology has done to improve motor/machine processes and performance. It’s exciting to see what’s in store for LineStream this year.

  5. Cowell & Hubbard

    Enough tech, let’s talk about food startups! Cowell & Hubbard is the perfect example of cooperation between the city’s old and new establishments. Housed in a turn-of-the-century building that used to be a jewelry store, Zack Bruell took over the space and breathed new life into it. The end result is a stylish gourmet eatery and one of the best places to eat in Cleveland, hands down.

It’s amazing, the things you can do in Cleveland!

The climate and timing is right in Cleveland! You can finally turn that business idea of yours into a reality. If you need a helping hand, don’t hesitate to pitch your idea to Cleveland’s startup accelerators like Flashstarts, Bizdom, and many more.

But before you launch your startup in Cleveland, how about settling down here? Contact me today at michellemcquade(at)howardhanna(dotted)com or 440-823-2448 to find homes for sale in Cleveland, Ohio.

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