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Bedroom trends to watch for in 2021

Michelle McQuade | January 12, 2021

Just because you spend most of your time in the bedroom sleeping doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to its design. A well-styled bedroom is more than just a sleeping quarter—it’s a haven and a sanctuary. To spark some inspiration, the team at Michelle McQuade Real Estate compiled the major bedroom trends for 2021: 

Bedroom Trends 2021

Discover darker hues

Conventional logic states that bedrooms should be painted in light colors to create a restful and open feel. Recently, however, homeowners have discovered that darker hues can be just as tranquil. There’s a bit of science behind this trend, too: since dark colors absorb rather than reflect light, they create a calming effect that’s conducive to sleep. Gray, in particular, will be especially popular after Pantone declared Ultimate Gray as one of its 2021 Colors of the Year. Other great color options include navy blue and dark brown.

Add some wall lamps

Experts say that style is cyclical and one of the design trends that’s making a comeback in 2021 are wall lamps. This fairly inexpensive upgrade gives a big boost to a room’s sophistication because it helps set the mood. Moreover, the additional lighting makes a smaller room look bigger by giving it a sense of width. Feel free to choose a bold color or pattern for the lampshades, as they add character to your bedroom. This is especially true if you decide to paint your bedroom walls in a darker color.

Go for statement beds

The star of every bedroom is the bed, so choose one that’s striking and stylish so it becomes the focal point of the space. For starters, consider getting a tall statement bed with tufted detailing to recreate the look and feel of boutique hotels. Experts say that upholstered headboards are experiencing a resurgence, too. Make good use of that extra space by choosing interesting colors, unique patterns, and deluxe fabrics to create a truly eye-catching look. 

Bring nature inside

As your Instagram feed can attest to, home gardening was indeed the hit hobby of 2020. And in the year ahead, expect homeowners to bring their beloved indoor plants into their bedrooms as well. After all, a little greenery brings some much-needed pop of color into your room and makes the space feel livelier. Even better, they can purify the air and help relieve your stress. Not gifted with a green thumb? A floral-themed wallpaper brings nature into your bedroom without the need for regular tending.

It’s all about Japandi 

Looking for a way to declutter your bedroom? The new “Japandi” aesthetic should be right up your alley. Mixing the minimalist look of Scandinavian style with the tenets of Japanese Zen philosophy, Japandi is all about paring down non-essentials to bring balance into your bedroom (and life). It emphasizes function over form, with a focus on a few high-quality pieces, contrasting colors, and simple decor that create a minimalist but stylish look.

We’ve got more interior design tips waiting for you! Be sure to check out our other blogs to be in touch with the latest trends. And if you need expert advice on any real estate transaction, contact us by calling 440.823.2448.

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