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Enhance Your Interiors by Bringing the Outdoors into Your Home

Michelle McQuade | May 13, 2020

With almost everyone spending more time indoors these days, now is the perfect time to look for ways to brighten up your interiors. One of the best ways is to give your home a more natural feel by bringing in the outdoors.

Modern scandinavian living room interior - 3d render

Introducing outdoor elements is a great way to add a calmer, more relaxing atmosphere to your living spaces. While the simplest and most obvious way is to decorate your home with more plants and flowers, there are other easy ways to create that natural look and feel. Here’s how:

Use Nature-inspired Colors

Decorate your spaces with colors that remind you of nature. Different shades of green, blue, and yellow are all terrific options and work great when combined with neutral tones such as tans, whites, grays, and beiges to create that clean and natural feel.

You can use these colors for throw pillows, rugs, window coverings, décor, or your walls.

Add Elements Taken from the Outdoors

You can make use of seashells, wood, rocks, or bottles of sand as decorative pieces to give your spaces a more laidback, natural look. You can also consider using artwork or photographs of these elements in their natural environment to complete the look.

Take Advantage of Natural Patterns and Textures

You can create a more relaxing space by using materials such as rattan, jute, wicker, hemp, and other similar natural elements. You’ll find plenty of furniture made from these materials, which will make it easier for you to create your very own serene indoor paradise.

Don’t need to replace your furniture? You can simply buy new décor made from the same materials instead, such as baskets, lampshades, or rugs.

Let More Natural Light Flow In

Using natural light can help you create a bright and airy look for your home, while helping you cut down on electricity costs as well. It can also uplift your mood and brighten up day-to-day living. Best of all, it’s free to use!

Simply replace any heavy drapery with fabrics or sheers made with lighter materials to let in more natural light into your living spaces.

“Stage” Your Outdoor Views

You can bring the outdoors into your home by enhancing the view from your windows. You can improve the view by trimming any overgrown trees or bushes, concealing dead spots on your lawn, or moving any unattractive items or elements (such as trash containers) out of sight.

Having views of distant mountains, woodlands, or just tree-lined streets and your well-maintained landscaping effectively brings the outdoors into your home.

Make Use of Natural Flooring

Use flooring materials made from bamboo, wood, or cork to give your home a warmer, more natural look. In addition to giving your interiors a more natural vibe, the great thing about organic flooring elements is they add a subtle, more laidback feel as well whenever you move around, which is something man-made materials simply cannot replicate.

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