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Get That Modern Vibe in Your Home with These 7 Ideas

Michelle McQuade | January 24, 2020

Modern living room interior with nature view 3d render

No matter what your home’s style is, you can infuse it with a modern vibe with just a few simple changes. Check out these ideas on how you can update your home and give it a contemporary look.

  1. Change your lighting fixtures

    Lighting can significantly define the mood in your home. To give your home a chic, modern appeal, choose the latest fixtures with a sleek look and metallic elements. Consider adding track lighting or recessed lighting, which are prevalent in modern homes today. Floor lamps in geometric designs can also give your home a modern twist.

  2. Paint your home in a neutral palette

    Modern homes typically come in white or neutral shades, and painting your home to this palette is the fastest way to give it an updated look. Liven up the space by adding décor and accents in bright colors or contrasting hues like black, gray, or dark blue.

  3. Add natural elements

    Wood accents, cabinets, and furniture are staples of the modern aesthetic. Many contemporary homes also feature indoor plants, whether on pots or tabletop vases. Other natural elements that you can incorporate include baskets in materials like vine or wicker, as well as textured throws, pillow covers, or upholstery in natural fibers. Look around for similar products and see what would work for your space.

  4. Update your furniture

    This has to be done with care so that your interior does not deviate significantly from your architectural style. Modern furniture pieces have sleek, geometric designs with minimal detailing. If these do not go with your home’s Tudor or Victorian architecture, perhaps you can consider changing the upholstery of your existing furniture, incorporating neutral colors and rich textures. Add bright color accent pieces to bring the space to life.

  5. Change your faucets and cabinet hardware

    Give your kitchen and bathroom a modern look with sleek new faucets and cabinet hardware. Choose contemporary designs in stainless steel or similar materials for an instant, inexpensive makeover. You might also consider repainting your cabinet doors and changing your backsplashes for a more updated look.

  6. Say goodbye to old carpets

    If your carpet is needing replacement, consider changing your flooring to something more contemporary. Your options include wood planks, tiles, vinyl, marble, or other hard surfaces. Designs that replicate natural materials like wood or stone are a hit in modern homes. You’ll find plenty of choices for textures, patterns, and styles in the market – choose one that will go well with your home’s architectural style and overall aesthetic.

    Carpets are still great flooring options but select a more contemporary design and color, preferably with a soft, cushy feel. Instead of covering the entire floor with carpet, consider mixing up the flooring with rugs and hard surfaces.

  7. Have a smart home system

    Nothing says modern more than gadgets and technology. A smart home system is one of the most sought after home features today because it provides unparalleled convenience and energy savings. You can control such things as the lighting, heating, and security of your home using only your cellphone or other mobile device, or by voice commands. Some systems allow you to instantly activate entertainment systems, or automate household tasks like turning on the garden sprinklers, cooking, and baking.

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