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Home Selling

Summertime Selling in Chagrin Falls: Your Guide to Leveraging For the Highest Price with Your Realtor

for sale sign

Summer is one of the best times to list your home in Chagrin Falls. With plenty of daylight, homes photograph well and buyers are more likely to head out and view properties. Here are some tips for getting a good price for your home. Price your home correctly Buyers who missed out on listings during… Read More

Update your curb appeal

Update your curb appeal this spring

After the cold of winter, what better way to welcome spring than to enhance your landscaping? You not only get to give your yard much needed post-winter tending, you also get to improve your curb appeal. Curb appeal can significantly increase the value of your home if you put it on the market. But even… Read More

Why spring 2022 is the best time to sell your Cleveland home

Why spring 2022 is the best time to sell your Cleveland home

Making the decision to sell your home is never easy. But with the right mindset, you can potentially earn a large return on what’s probably the single biggest investment you have made. To have a successful sale, it’s important to consider all the elements that can affect the outcome, including the timing of the sale…. Read More

The most expensive suburbs in Cleveland’s East Side

A scenic image of the Verde River as it flows through the Verde Valley and Camp Verde, Arizona.

Cleveland has no shortage of upscale neighborhoods. But if you want to surround yourself in sheer wealth and luxury homes, look to the suburbs. Here are the five most expensive east side suburbs to consider as you explore real estate in Cleveland, Ohio. Hunting Valley Average sales price: $1.2 million Average household income: $250,001 Straddling… Read More

What’s in store for Cleveland real estate in 2022?

Cleveland Ohio USA

Happy new year! Although 2021 has been challenging for many, it’s time to start a new chapter. If you are planning on investing or selling your real estate property in Cleveland, Ohio this 2022, check out our housing market forecast below. For more information about Cleveland real estate, don’t hesitate to get in touch with… Read More

Advantages of Hiring a Local Realtor in Cleveland, Ohio

Advantages of a Realtor

There are many things in life you can DIY, but buying or selling your home isn’t one of them. Luckily, realtors in Cleveland, Ohio can make the process hassle-free and pleasant. Of course, which real estate agent you hire matters a lot. For the best results, it pays to choose a local realtor who knows… Read More

Cleveland Real Estate Market Overview: Fall Edition

Real Estate Market

Spring and summer are the peak house-hunting seasons in Cleveland. As the warm temperature gives way to colder days, however, buyers and sellers are wondering if the property market’s hot streak will cool down. While we can expect sales to slow down a bit, Michelle McQuade, one of the leading realtors in Cleveland, Ohio, believes… Read More

Sell your Ohio home for top-dollar with these helpful tips

Getting the best price possible is the main goal when you’re putting a home on the market. Finding an experienced and knowledgeable agent to work with is often the first step. And while your agent will help you navigate each step of the home selling process, there are some things you can (and should) do… Read More

Stage your home in time for the spring market season with these tips

cleveland real estate Stage your home in time for the spring market season with these tips

Timing is everything when you’re planning to put your home on the Cleveland real estate market. And while the “right” time to sell depends on a number of factors and circumstances, springtime in Ohio is when demand for homes typically peaks, which makes it a great time to sell a home. Even with low inventory… Read More

Important things to know before selling your home in Ohio this 2021

House For Sale cleveland real estate

There’s no two ways about it: 2020 was a topsy-turvy year. But one of the few bright spots to emerge from the pandemic is the real estate industry, which showed amazing resilience in the face of adversity. As a result, many homeowners are wondering if 2021 is a good year to sell their property. If… Read More

Refresh your home with these interior design trends for 2021

2021 Interior Design Trends

This year, give your home a new lease on life by refreshing its look. If you’re looking for inspiration, the Michelle McQuade team has collected the biggest interior design trends for 2021 for you. Discover the styles, color choices, and  upgrades that will shape home designs in the months ahead: Trendsetting colors Interior design enthusiasts… Read More

Cleveland, OH is one of the top markets to watch in 2021

Cleveland Top Markets in 2021

Back when the pandemic first started, there was plenty of pessimism about the real estate market. Pundits said that with people shuttered indoors, house hunting would come to standstill and home prices would crater.  While housing demand and prices indeed dipped in the early months of the pandemic, the property sector didn’t just weather the… Read More

Tips for decluttering the home this fall and winter

decluttering the home

With the cold seasons upon us, you and your family will likely be spending more time indoors. That means you can finally catch up on your decluttering tasks and get your home ready for the holidays. Here are some tips for a stress-free way to spruce up your home. Create a checklist List down the… Read More

Homes are selling fast in Cuyahoga and Geauga counties

sold fast real estate sign

July recorded a spike in home sales despite the ongoing battle against the coronavirus pandemic. Real estate experts attribute this to the high demand for homes, the limited housing inventory, and more importantly, the low interest rates. And with much of the future uncertain, home buyers are snatching up whatever real estate opportunities they could… Read More

The Effect of COVID-19 on the Cleveland Real Estate Market

Quiet residential area in the suburbs of Cleveland Ohio

Despite strong market data at the start of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a decline in home buying interest in Ohio due to uncertainty. According to a survey conducted by the Ohio REALTORS, 75% of respondents say COVID-19 has decreased their interest in purchasing homes. This is NOT the case in 44022 and 44023… Read More

Get That Modern Vibe in Your Home with These 7 Ideas

Modern living room interior with nature view 3d render

No matter what your home’s style is, you can infuse it with a modern vibe with just a few simple changes. Check out these ideas on how you can update your home and give it a contemporary look. Change your lighting fixtures Lighting can significantly define the mood in your home. To give your home… Read More

Key questions to ask a home seller

Real estate broker explain contract investment before signing a contract housing estate in office. contract and agreement concept.

After you’ve done your initial research, browsed through a couple of listings, and thought about what features or type of location you’d like to have, it’s likely you will already have a good idea of the kind of home you want to buy. Once you find one that matches all of your requirements and preferences… Read More

Why fall is a great time to sell your home in Cleveland, OH

Summer is usually a popular time for buying a home but it’s not necessarily the best time to sell one. Real estate transactions eventually cool off by the time fall comes in. However, what many don’t know is that this season presents a fine opportunity to sell your home fast and for a great price…. Read More

Stay ahead of the competition in the summer real estate market

"Condominium near Cleveland, Ohio"

Although residential real estate trends change frequently, one thing that has remained constant in the past several years is the strong demand of communities in the Chagrin Valley. The focal point is of course, Chagrin Falls, which was recently named the most livable city in Ohio. The charming Cleveland east side suburb is home to… Read More

Is Cleveland’s housing market balancing out?

Three houses in a Cleveland, Ohio neighborhood.

For quite some time, Cleveland has been a competitive seller’s market. But is it slowly shifting, giving more wiggle room to home buyers? Let’s find out. What the experts are saying Real estate experts from Yes-MLS and Redfin predict that Cleveland’s housing market is easing towards a more balanced playing field. Most of the favor… Read More

2019 Real Estate Trends in Cleveland, OH

Downtown Cleveland skyline (featuring Key Tower) with the Cuyahoga River, Detroit-Superior Bridge, Autumn colored trees, and a deep blue sky with wispy clouds. Wide Angle.

After weathering the housing crisis, Cleveland is finally seeing a turnaround in its real estate market. 2019’s real estate darling Despite lagging behind in recent years, Cleveland is projected to become one of 2019’s real estate darlings, along with other markets like Houston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Chicago. Jobs are expected to return to Ohio, as… Read More

Real estate terms for Ohio buyers and sellers

Are you buying or selling a home in Ohio? It’s best to be familiar with real estate terms that you’ll likely come across throughout the entire home buying or selling process. Here are some of the most important terms you should know: Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) – A type of mortgage with a variable interest… Read More

The downside of selling your home by yourself

Quite a few homeowners in Cleveland and beyond are opting to sell their properties on their own, without the help of a Realtor. Homes for sale in this manner are tagged, “For Sale by Owner,” or FSBO, on listings and other advertising materials. FSBO home sellers often start out thinking they can get more money… Read More

The right way to list and sell your home

When you’re a home seller, one of your main objectives is to sell your home fast (for a great price, of course). While there is no fail-proof recipe, there are plenty of ways you can list and sell your home to attract more offers from prospective buyers. Set the Best Price When it comes to… Read More

Five housing and mortgage trends to watch out for in 2018

Thinking about buying or selling a home this year? One of the best ways for you to prepare is to gather information on some emerging trends in today’s real estate market. Here are five significant real estate trends you should know about: Soaring home sales According to a report from the National Association of Realtors,… Read More

Buying and Selling Guide: Signs You Should Change Your Realtor

Is your Realtor looking out for your best interests? You should consider changing Realtors if you notice the following: 1. You don’t see eye to eye You find yourself in constant disagreement with your Realtor. Your viewpoints are on opposite ends of the spectrum and it’s impossible to meet halfway. If you and your Realtor… Read More

How marriage can impact your home loan

dower rights ohio

Getting married and buying a home often go hand in hand. The home is a major piece in building a new life with a partner, after all. In fact, your marital status has implications on your ability to buy the kind of home you and your spouse dream of. 1. Working spouses can qualify for… Read More

What to look for in a Realtor?

It’s easy to think that you can buy or sell a home without the help of a professional. Indeed, the internet gives you fast access to listing sites where you can advertise or search for a property on your own. However, when you’re about to embark on what is perhaps the single biggest transaction you’ll… Read More

What you should know about home selling or buying contingencies

While not required in every transaction, home sale contingencies are very important in minimizing your home buying or selling risks. Contingencies can help protect you from any unexpected event that could put you at a financial disadvantage. Contingencies are typically included in a purchase contract, but should be presented to both the buyer and seller… Read More

Why spring is a good time to sell your home

Spring is traditionally a hot season for the real estate market, and 2017 is no exception. In fact, this year might prove to be even busier than usual, thanks to the highly dynamic events that are shaping the industry and the US today. In addition to nationwide real estate trends, a few local factors can… Read More

Seller’s Checklist: Things to Do Before Selling Your Home

Home Selling photo

Selling your home is not an easy decision to make, but once you’ve made up your mind then you’ve actually overcome the hardest part of the process. The road ahead can be an emotional rollercoaster, so it’s best to be prepared. For starters, check out our seller’s guide for more advice on the home selling process…. Read More

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