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Ohio Destinations you should see at least once

Michelle McQuade | December 7, 2017

Ohio is packed with must-see destinations, from sprawling national forests and state parks to historic towns and modern cities. Here are five destinations I highly recommend for you to visit and experience at least once in your life.

  • 1. Lake Erie

    Lake Erie

    The fourth largest among the country’s Great Lakes, Lake Erie is a haven for avid anglers, day trippers– basically everyone who just wants to unwind. Since Ohio is a landlocked state, Lake Erie’s shoreline is a waterfront escape and always a welcome sight if you ever get tired of what seems to be endless land.

    Lake Erie offers a plethora of family-friendly activities all year round and also plays hosts to a variety of events. Attractions in the area include the North Shore islands and Cedar Point. Lake Erie’s eastern shores are home to several historic sites, while the western shores are every bird lover’s paradise. Visit this page for more information:

  • 2. Hocking Hills State Park

    Hocking Hills State Park

    Located in Hocking County, Hocking Hills State Park covers a total of approximately 2,350 acres. Among the treasures hidden under its thick foliage are numerous rock formations, caves, gorges, and spectacular waterfalls. According to officials, Hocking Hills is visited by around 2,000 visitors every year. If you’re not a nature lover yet, perhaps Hocking Hills’ wonders will make one out of you.

    Activities in Hocking Hills, aside from hiking and fishing, include archery, mountain biking, and ice fishing during winter. There are several trails to explore in Hocking Hills that range in difficulty, from the easy-peasy Ash Cave Gorge trail that is handicap-friendly to the Cantwell Cliffs trail, rated as the most difficult in Hocking Hills. If you have a valid hunting license, Hocking Hills (and the adjacent state forest) has several designated areas for hunting. To learn more about Hocking Hills, check out

  • 3. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

    A quintessential Cleveland (and Ohio) attraction, no must-visit list is complete without Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Located on Cleveland’s Lake Erie shoreline, this world-class museum pays homage to the people that heavily influenced the rock and roll scene.

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has seven levels dedicated to exhibits on rock and roll and other genres such as gospel, rhythm and blues, bluegrass, and folk. Music-related artifacts and technology are also housed in the facility. Throughout the year, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame also plays host to a bevy of special events, such as concerts, film screenings, and lectures. For more information, visit

  • 4. Amish Country

    Amish Country

    Definitely, a destination you should visit at least one, Ohio’s beautiful Amish Country takes you back to simpler times. Located in Holmes County, a visit to Amish Country lets you take a glimpse of the lifestyles of the Amish. There are a number of things you can do here.

    You can eat your way through different Amish food and taste Amish wine. You can also shop ’til you drop– Amish Country offers a wide variety of goods, from antiques and quilts to home decor and non-electric living essentials. Learn and celebrate Amish heritage and relax in a place you’ll find nowhere else in North America. For more information, visit

  • 5. The Wilds

    The Wilds

    Located in Cumberland, The Wilds is a sprawling safari and conservation park. Encompassing an area of approximately 10,000 acres, you’ll find exotic animals such as giraffes and rhinos roaming around the facility in all their glory. Other animals who have made their home in The Wilds include cheetahs, trumpeter swans, American bison, and zebras. Simply put, The Wilds offers an experience unlike any other in North America.

    Members of The Wilds get to enjoy an array of exclusive parks, such as free tours all year round. To learn more about The Wilds and your membership options, visit their official website at

  • 41 North Main St. Chagrin Falls, OH 44022