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Revitalizing your Home after Winter

Michelle McQuade | January 10, 2017

It’s a great time of the year when the gray of winter gives way to the subtle colors of spring. And as the weather starts to warm up around Cleveland, it’s also time to revitalize your home and capture the freshness of the new season.

Here are some tips on how to get your home spring ready.
revitalizing your home after winter

1. Repaint your interior walls
Nothing can give your home a brand new look as quickly as a new coat of paint. Choose soft pastel or bright hues to bring the colors of the outdoors in.

2. Update your home accessories
It’s time to pack away those thick blankets, drapes, and rugs and replace them with light, airy curtains, cooler bedding, and brighter pillows. Floral patterns perfectly capture the season and are classic spring favorites. Check for stray holiday décor and put them in storage.

3. Revitalize with plants
Celebrate the freshness of the new season by adding a few plants indoors. Spring blooms make perfect living and dining room accents, while herbs and other edible plants are charming and practical kitchen embellishments.

4. Spruce up your deck
It’s the season to spend more time outdoors, so get your deck ready for the occasion. Scrub floors, and clean walls and ceiling if your deck is covered. Repair wood or replace planks that might have been damaged by snow removal chemicals and shoveling, and re-stain or re-paint to give your deck a fresh look.

Spruce up your outdoor furniture as well, especially if you didn’t bring them in for winter. Clean them and inspect for any weather damage. Do the necessary repairs, and re-stain or repaint wooden parts.

5. Give new life to your lawn
Your lawn will likely have taken a beating during the winter. Remove dead twigs, leaves and debris, and give the grounds a once-over with a rake to dethatch.

Inspect your lawn for dead plants and bare patches, and replace or reseed on bare areas. It’s also the perfect time to prune your trees and hedges.

6. Light up your front yard
Invest in outdoor lighting to highlight all that’s fresh and a-bloom outdoors. There are plenty of fixtures to choose from, including path lighting, low-voltage lights, accent lighting, solar lights, and lanterns.

7. Check your roof and gutters
Inspect them for any damage, including missing shingles and accumulated leaves and twigs. Have the roof and gutters cleaned and repaired if needed. You might also want to include the chimney in the process.

8. Spring clean your exteriors
While spring cleaning is traditionally done inside the house, it should be brought outdoors as well. Clean your walkways and driveways, and inspect for cracks that need to be filled or repaired. Clean your windows, doors and exterior walls, and consider a new coat of paint.

9. Have your HVAC system serviced
As your indoor temperature needs change, make sure your HVAC system is in top condition. Get professional HVAC services to inspect your outdoor AC unit, check the thermostat, clean the coils, replace the filter and do other regular tune up and maintenance services.

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