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The latest trends in pet-friendly home design

Michelle McQuade | January 14, 2022

What’s a better way to welcome the new year than to refresh your home’s decor? If you have pets as part of your household, here are a few trends that will make your home both stylish and incredibly pet-friendly.

latest trends in pet-friendly home design

Cooler floors

I love a beautiful hardwood floor, but it can be hard to maintain if you have dogs. It will constantly bear scratch marks and might necessitate constant polishing.

An alternative is to invest in luxury vinyl flooring or ceramic tiles. These come in a variety of colors and styles so you can easily find one that matches your home’s overarching design theme. Versatility aside, luxury vinyl floors and ceramic tiles are easy to clean and will help your pets cool down during hotter weather.

Do take note, however, that not all ceramic and stone tiles are the same. Some, like marble, can be porous. This makes marble susceptible to some staining from pet spit which contains certain acids.

Low-pile or smooth textiles

Textiles, whether in the form of a pillowcase, a throw, or a rug, can add a lot of texture into any space. But some fabrics are far superior if you have a pet or two in your home.

This is especially the case with leather and synthetic fibers— these materials are easy to clean, long-lasting, as well as dander- and fur-repellent. And with leather, vegan or otherwise, you’ll get a lovely patina over time that just gets better with age.

But if you simply must have some of that texture, opt for low-pile textiles. They are easier to clean than materials like mohair, suede, velvet, and corduroy. More importantly, low-pile textiles won’t unravel after repeated pet scratches. They will last your home for some time.

Custom built-ins

If your pet is going to figure prominently in your life, consider investing in custom built-ins that will greatly enhance the quality of their life (and yours!) Trendy right now are built-in feeders, which you can integrate into the overall design of your kitchen. With built-in feeders, there’s no need to purchase pet dishes, bowls, and all that jazz.

In the bathroom, you can redesign the counters and add little steps if you like to bathe your pets on the sink. You can also add built-in water bowls under the sink.

Do you have an empty nook or extra space in your home? You can go one step further by transforming that area into your pet’s very own room. This can be a closet you don’t use, space under the stairs—really any space that’s underutilized. This man had a small spare bedroom that he turned into a living room for his three mini dachshunds, complete with miniature furniture and their own TV.

If you love to have your pets sleep in your bedroom, you can add a custom built-in under your bed, at the bottom of your bedside table, or near your closet. This way, your pet can have their own little sleeping nook.

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