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Trick-or-treating the safe and fun way this Halloween

Michelle McQuade | October 19, 2020

Boy Ready To Trick Or Treat

Trick or treating on Halloween is always one of the year’s most anticipated activities for kids, not only in Cleveland, OH but throughout the country. With the coronavirus pandemic still raging, however, this year’s celebrations may be a little more subdued than usual to ensure social distancing and other safety measures.

One thing that’s different this year is that trick or treating may be done only within the schedule given by the state’s Department of Health to various municipalities across Northern Ohio. In Cleveland, trick or treat times are from 6 pm to 8 pm on Saturday, October 31st. It’s still up to local communities, however, to decide if trick or treating will be allowed within their jurisdiction.

As parents, the decision to let your kids go treat-or-treating is entirely up to you. If you want your child to enjoy the festivities but are wary about the virus, here are some tips on how to have a fun but safe trick or treat activity this year.

  1. Wear a face mask

    Masks are a huge part of Halloween celebrations, but this year, your kids may have to wear a different kind of face covering. The CDC recommends that children two years and above wear face masks when in public or around people they don’t live with. The mask has to cover their nose and mouth, must have multiple layers, and must be tied around the back of their head or their ears.

    To make it more fun for kids, consider making their face masks a part of their costume. They can go as a ninja or a doctor, for example. You’ll also find kids’ face masks printed with designs or characters that work well for Halloween. Or you can layer a Halloween mask under or over a regulation face mask, as long as the child can still breathe and see comfortably.

    Adults accompanying a trick or treating child must also wear a face covering.

  2. Limit the number of houses to visit

    The less people your children are exposed to, the better you can avoid the virus. Perhaps you can tell your kids to visit only the homes of people you know, or to stay within your block. In addition, remind your children to stay as far as they can from treatgivers, and to not stay too long on the porch or doorstep of other homes.

  3. Be ready with hand sanitizers

    If you’re going with your kids, make sure to have hand sanitizers ready so they can disinfect if they come in contact with other people or with treats and other objects that may have a chance of being infected or contaminated. Also, see to it that your child avoids putting their hands on their faces, particularly if they have a habit of rubbing their eyes, putting their fingers in their mouth, or picking their nose.

    If your children are going on their own, remind them to use the sanitizers when necessary and to avoid touching their faces.

  4. Sanitize treats

    As soon as you arrive home, wipe off each candy wrapper with sanitizing wipes, but remember to avoid wiping unwrapped food. In addition, allow your children to eat only factory packaged food. As much as possible, stay away from homemade treats.

While the pandemic is certainly not easy for everyone, living in Chagrin Falls and nearby communities in Cleveland, OH can make social distancing and staying at home more enjoyable, and even turn them into enriching experiences. Find out more about our community by visiting our blog.

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