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Fall pet safety tips

Michelle McQuade | November 10, 2020

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year in Chagrin Falls, OH, as the landscape bursts into flaming colors and the heat of summer gives way to the cool fall breeze. The change of seasons is also a welcome treat for pets. However, as in any other time of the year, the fall also brings its own set of health and safety hazards for your furry friends.

Family with pet dog

Here are some of the things to watch for to ensure your pet’s safety during the season.

  1. Tick infestation

    Tick season can go beyond the summer, as some tick species are active well into the winter. Romping around fallen autumn leaves is one way your pet can get infested, since ticks thrive in damp environments. To protect your furry friend, consider using a tick repellant, especially when you take them outdoors, and always check for ticks when you get back home. Ask your vet about getting regular screening for infections caused by ticks.

  2. Rat poisons

    The fall is usually the time of year when people use rodenticides to deal with rats who make their way into homes to escape the cold outside. When ingested by pets, these poisons can have a lethal effect.

    If you use these products at home, make sure they’re inaccessible to your pets. Your neighbors may also be using them, and this can leave poisoned rat carcasses that your cat or dog might ingest. If you think your pet has eaten a poisoned rodent, get in touch with a vet immediately.

  3. Toxic mushrooms

    The damp fall weather can mean the thriving of mushrooms in backyards and on forest floors. While around 99% of these mushrooms are quite safe, the 1% that are toxic can cause serious problems in pets. It’s often difficult to distinguish between poisonous and non-poisonous mushrooms so it’s best to steer your pet away from areas where these plants are known to grow. If you think your pet has ingested a poisonous mushroom, call your vet immediately.

  4. Antifreeze for your car

    Antifreeze is extremely dangerous for pets. A teaspoon can kill a 10 pound dog, and even less can kill a cat. Antifreeze contains ethylene glycol, which has a sweet flavor that’s highly appealing to pets.

    If you use antifreeze as part of winterizing your car, make sure to keep them away from your furry family member. Even spills need to be cleaned off thoroughly as pets may lick them off. Keep your antifreeze bottles tightly sealed and out of reach of pets when they’re not in use.

  5. The cold weather

    Fall weather may feel like just the right kind of nippy, but it can turn freezing without warning. While some breeds of dogs can withstand cold temperatures well, others cannot. Older pets, as well as very young ones, are especially vulnerable to the effects of cold weather. Don’t leave your pets out for prolonged periods, especially at night or early mornings. Consider getting them a sweater or jacket, and placing a rug on the porch where they can warm themselves when it gets too cold outside.

Take the necessary precautions so you can better enjoy the beautiful Chagrin Falls autumn with your furry friend. For more tips on taking care of your pets, check out these blog posts.

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